Automotive industry

Since the establishment, our company has been continuously increasing cable assembly and wire harness production as a tier 2 supplier in the automotive industry.

Cable assemblies, wire harnesses and their components are used in harsh environments and they have to withstand extreme and critical conditions, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion, abrasion. Furthermore, they have to exhibit high strength and bending properties.

Thanks to beneficial mutual cooperation with our partners, in recent years we have entered the fast growing, dynamic and innovative e-mobility industry which sets very demanding requirements for high voltage wire harness and cable assemblies.

Cable Connect first and foremost strives to fulfill all needs of its customers. All our products and services are therefore manufactured based on their specifications and requirements that are incorporated in every step of the production processes. Our goal is to continuously improve quality of our products and deliver superior services to our customers.

To achieve that, we have implemented series of compliance measures in our production operations:  in 2012 we affiliated the norms of ISO/TS 16949 (quality management system). Subsequently in 2016 those were superseded and replaced by IATF 16949:2016 (Quality management system for organizations in the automotive industry) our company harmonized the established quality management system to the newly specified standards and requirements, and in 2017 we became fully certified.

In order to meet recent demanding requirements on quality and effectiveness on cable assembly and wire harness production operations, we have invested resources in acquisition of high quality machinery and equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Energy industry

Since 2014 Cable Connect has been actively contributing in production as well as collaborating in development of cable assemblies for equipment used in energy power plants, in particular electricity production from renewable sources such as solar and wind power.

Due to the complexity of cable assemblies, harsh conditions of the environment and the expected long lifespan of the equipment, production quality and reliability are of the highest importance during development, production and testing.  

In close collaboration with our customers we have successfully managed to bring a number of projects from the initial stage all the way to medium/large run production volumes. Applying this concept of cooperation we have proportionally increased a share of cable assembly manufacturing for the emerging renewable energy industry in our production facility.

Medical industry

Cable Connect has been a dependable and reliable partner in development processes as well as in cable and wire assembly supplies for the medical industry for many years.

In our company we are aware of the importance of superior quality in regard to devices and technologies used in the medical industry. Our production processes, complemented by established testing and quality assurance procedures ensure high quality and reliable products with a long lifespan resulting in continuous operation without disruptions.

In order to achieve high quality and make continuous effort to its improvement, in 2012 our company adapted the norms of ISO 9001 and became fully certified.

In 2017, the EU adopted the new Medical Devices Regulations (MDR 2017/745) which is intended to enter in force in 2020. During this transition period Cable Connect closely cooperates with its partners to address most relevant criteria and assess fundamental challenges of the new regulations.

We share our knowledge and expertise in collaboration with our partners throughout the process of product development by which we aim to increase added value not only as a supplier, but mostly as a partner.


Cable Connect has an in-depth insight of needs, demands, particularities and customer requirements in such complex and challenging industries as rail and ship transport.

In addition, our company is established as a cable and wire assembly supplier for customers producing equipment and devices for the banking industry where fundamental requisites are based on high safety standards and demands to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

From  design through component selection all the way to the assembly completion we make sure that our final products resist the most challenging environmental conditions.

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